How It Works

You’re interested in joining our network – GREAT!! Here’s what you can expect up front through the onboarding process, and what things will be like once you’re an official Genesis Field Partner.


Speak with a member of our Field Services Team

Our dedicated Field Service Managers will reach out to you to make a formal introduction and answer any questions you might have. They’ll want to know about you, your experience, and what type of work you’re interested in. Once they’re able to match you to available work nearby, they’ll get you started on the onboarding process.

Skills Assessment

We ask every technician to take a brief skills assessment test for the type of work they’re interested in taking. This ensures that with your experience, along with our instruction guides and remote support, you can be 100% successful on every job.


Your Field Services Manager will review your skills assessment and talk to you directly about how your qualifications and location factor into our current needs. They’ll review the Field Services Vendor Agreement with you and negotiate payment rates and terms. All documentation will be sent to you for a digital signature, available for 5 business days before they expire.

Background Check

Every technician will be required to submit to a standard background check before we will dispatch them to site independently.

  • No convictions of known misdemeanors for the past seven (7) years, involving any of the following: theft, computer crimes, fraud or other financial crimes, unlawful possession or use of a dangerous weapon, violence of any kind, or drug and / or substance abuse offenses. Any misdemeanors prior to 7 years are acceptable, including violence.
  • No convictions of known felonies of a violent nature either generally or against the person of another, including but not limited to, assault, aggravated assault, domestic abuse, kidnapping, unlawful possession or use of a dangerous weapon, etc.
  • No convictions of any and all crimes involving sexual offenses, including but not limited to, sexual assault, rape, molestation, child pornography, pedophilia, etc.
  • No presence on any government registry as a sex offender

Insurance and License validation

Genesis Networks requires all 1099 contractors to have their own liability insurance, $2,000,000 aggregate and $1,000,000 each occurrence. A current certificate of insurance will need to be provided. Additionally, each vendor must provide proof of Workers Compensation insurance or a signed waiver that they are exempt from local qualifications.

If licensing is required in your area for Alarm or Low Voltage work, you will need to provide a copy of your current license. Genesis Networks will confirm it is current and in good standing before offering you work where licensure is required.

Onboarding Call

Now that you’re an official partner of Genesis Networks, here’s how you can get to work!

Scheduling Dispatches

Available work will be presented to you two ways:

  1. On our mobile application, MyESP, where you can set parameters for location, date and time, and pick up jobs that you’re interested in. All the details will be listed in the app, so you can be confident it’s a dispatch you want.
  2. Our Provisioning team will reach out to you by phone when they have a job in your area that matches your skillset. They’ll be happy to provide you details about the scope and answer any questions you may have.


You’ll be reminded 24-48 hours in advance that you have a job on your calendar. At this point, you can download the full instruction guide for the dispatch and contact our TAC (Technical Access Center) with any questions.

An hour or two ahead of the expected dispatch time, you’ll be asked to confirm when you’ll arrive on site. You can do so via MyESP, or by talking to a member at TAC.


While on site, you’ll represent yourself as the professional expert on behalf of our client – it’ll be listed for you in the job details. The scope of each job will be straightforward and presented clearly in your installation guide. If you get stuck or need assistance of any kind, you can reach out to our experts at TAC – they’re here to support you, 24x7x365. Before you leave the site, you’ll need to upload requested photos or job details in MyESP, where you’ll receive validation that the job was completed satisfactorily.


Once you have provided all of the photos or deliverables for the dispatch, the Genesis Quality Assurance team will validate everything is complete. You’ll receive a notification that the job has been closed, and you’ll be able to invoice right then, all from the MyESP mobile app!